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Use Trifexis for Dogs’ Health and Well-Being

Trifexis for Dogs 2There is so much to consider when making the decision to become a dog owner. It’s not something anyone should do on a whim. This is because there is so much more to it than just picking up a collar and leash, and maybe one of those cute little doggie beds you see on Etsy. You have to consider the hidden expenses: the veterinarian bills, the vaccinations, grooming costs and such.

One cost that can’t be ignored is measures for the purpose of protecting your dog from the threat of heartworms, parasites and fleas and ticks. Many people don’t realize how dangerous these creatures can be to their dog. All it takes is a bite from the wrong mosquito.

Parasites are just as great a threat. That’s why Trifexis for Dogs is such a great idea. It covers all three of these issues in one medication. But, maybe it would help to examine these threats individually.


Just looking at one picture will send you running to your vet, begging for heartworm medicine, at any cost! Go ahead. Check it out Google Images and see if you don’t agree. Yet, heartworm is easily prevented with a simple Trifexis pill. Once it is contracted, however, it’s a bear to cure. As mentioned, it comes from mosquitoes.

The larvae takes about seven months to mature into adult worms and then take up residence in your dog’s heart, lungs and blood vessels. They can grow up to 12″ long and look kind of like a glob of spaghetti. A dog can have up to 250 such worms in its system.

As the worms develop, they interfere with the normal functions of the heart and lungs. The dog may develop a cough and get easily winded. As time passes, you may detect abnormal sounds coming from his lungs. He will retain fluids and may even pass out due to loss of blood to the brain. If untreated, he will eventually die. There is simply no reason a beloved pet should be put through such an ordeal when there is such a simple solution.


Then there are other invasive parasites, such as roundworms and tapeworms, both of which absorb through their skin the nutrients intended for your pet. More serious are hookworms that chew up the lining of the intestine, or Strongyloides that tunnel through the lining causing inflammation. You’ll see your dog became more and more listless, dull-eyed and generally sick looking. He will suffer from diarrhea and vomiting and become anemic as these parasites take all of his nutrients.


Fleas too can wreak havoc with your dog’s health, making him miserable and itchy. They too can spread disease and make your dog very sick.

Trifexis for dogs addresses all three of these problems and stops them before they happen. Being a pet in a domestic environment does not guarantee your dog won’t fall victim to one of these maladies. Preventive medication does. So do your dog a favor and give him regularly prescribed doses of Trifexis for dogs to guarantee him a long and healthy life.